Ambassadors Court


Where is it located?

  • Beside Alaro City along Lekki Epe Express Way, Lagos Nigeria

Who is the developer?

  • TeeWhyHomes Consulting Limited

What is the title on the land?

  • Government Allocation

Are there any encumbrances on the land?

  • The land is free from government acquisition, adverse claims or any form of encumbrance

What is the payment structure?

Type Payment Plan Cost Note
Residential 0 - 3 Months 5,500,000 Naira Promo Offer
  3 - 6 Months 6,000,000 Naira Promo Offer
Commercial 0 - 3 Months 10,000,000 Naira Promo Offer
  3 - 6 Months 10,500,000 Naira Promo Offer

 Other Payments?

  • Survey Fee - 500,000 Naira
  • Deed of Assignment - 100,000 Naira
  • Development Levy - To Be Determined

After the initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly until the total sum is liquidated. Any default shall be deemed as fundamental breach of agreement which shall result to 5% monthly default charge on the outstanding sum and reallocation to another plot within the estate (with same specifications) 

What is the size of each plot?

  • 500 Square Metres

What do I get after initial payment of land?

  • A letter of acknowledgment (which acknowledges the payment made thus far), receipt for the payment made and contract of sale. 

When do I get my deed of assignment and survey (title documents)?

  • Deed of Assignment and Survey plan shall be prepared and handed over to subscribers who have completed payment for the title documents during physical allocation 

Is the road to the estate motorable?

  • Yes the road to the estate is motorable

What is the development levy?

  • It is the cost paid for the placement of infrastructure within the estate.
  • It covers gatehouse, perimeter fence and roads within the estate

What is the development timeline for the estate?

  • The timeline for development of infrastructure within the estate is 6-24 months

When will my plots be allocated to me?

  • Once payment for the plot of land has been made in full (inclusive of payment for the deed of Assignment and Survey Plan)

 Can I start the construction of my proposed building immediately?

  • Construction can commence provided that development levy has been paid in full and the building plan approval has been sought and obtained from the appropriate authorities. 

Is there any time limit to commerce work on my land after allocation?

  • Commencement of work upon the land is to take place within 6 months from the time of approval of the building plan. 

Can I resell my plot/property?

  • Yes, a subscriber who has paid up on their land can resell their plot. However, approval must be sought and granted by TEEWHYHOMES CONSULTING LTD. We would require the seller to furnish the company with details of the buyer. Either party shall pay a change of ownership fee of N 1,000,000 (One Million Naira) exclusive of title document fees for the new (buyer). 

Can I pay to your agent?

  • We strongly advise that all payments should be made to TEEWHYHOMES CONSULTING LIMITED - GUARANTY TRUST BANK - 0656830805
    Otherwise, cheque(s} should be issued in favour of TEEWHYHOMES CONSULTING LIMITED. We shall not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise, as a result of deviation from the above instruction.

What will happen if I cant continue with the payment? Can I get a refund?

  • Yes, a refund can be made, subject to availability or funds by the Vendor after a minimum of 3 months from the date of the refund request or availability of an off-taker. At all instance, the refund will be made less 30% administrative charges.

Can I have a survey cover more than one plot?

  • Yes however payment for each survey (per plot) will be made in accordance with the number of plots purchased

Would I be expected to make any other payments subsequently?

  • Yes, the annual service charge

What is the annual service charge?

  • A fee made by subscribers of the estate annually, that is used for the general maintenance of the estate
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